The LumiPlus Panel


A sleek interface to help you focus on what matters most... ...your image.


Create realistic blends using Luminosity or Zone masks, created or deleted in single click.


Speed up your processing using editing actions, such as Dodge & Burn, Detail Enhancers, Sharpening and more...


Includes sharpening, instant colour enhancements, Orton effects, vignettes, dodge & burn layers and more...


Prepare your images for upload to your favorite social media platforms at optimal size in a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why is the LumiPlus Panel free?
Having used a number of free and paid Photoshop action panels I found that each had their strengths and shortcomings. Some lacked key features, while others were full of features I never used, and some suffered from overly complicated layouts which left me searching for the tool I wanted. For fun I decided to develop the LumiPlus Panel to compliment my own work flow. Being very passionate about photography and I having learnt so much over the years through the hard work of others I decided to give a little back to the community that has given me so and published the LumiPlus Panel for free.
2What versions of Photoshop are supported?
The LumiPanel currently supports all versions of Photoshop CC. Photoshop CS6 and older are not supported.
3How do I install the panel?
A PDF containing installation instructions is included in the download package. It explains how where to install the LumiPlus files and how to activate the panel in Photoshop.
4Is the panel supported by the Apple OS or Windows?
Yes. The LumiPlus Panel works on both Apple and Window based operating systems.
5Can I contact you for support or to leave a comment?
Yes. I'm always happy to hear what people think about the LumiPlus Panel and I try my best to help those with problems. Please just bear in mind that maintaining the LumiPlus Panel is a hobby of mine and though I try I am not always prompt resolving issues.
6Why do I have to subscribe to download the panel?
The subscription is mostly so I can easily contact you about updates or improvements in the panel. I never share personal information with others and as someone with a couple overflowing inboxes, I try to email as little as possible.
7Can I cancel my subscription?
Every email I send contains a unsubscribe link which you're welcome to use to cancel your subscription at anytime, though you'll no longer receive notification about updates to the LumiPanel.